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Services We Offer

JAW Development is currently looking for project/contract work.


Websites are our tried and true forte. JAW Dev specializes in anything web related, ranging from completely custom builds to basic WordPress installations, and guarentees your complete satisfaction. If you are not happy with any part of a build, we will re-do it at no cost to you.


We love to create software that improves the day-to-day lives of others. If your business needs a tool to streamline operations, or your team just needs another pair of hands for dev, we are here to help. JAW Dev specializes in web-apps, Java, and C++ based applications, but is open to any project.


Gaming is a constantly evolving realm of computer science. Developers are always attemting new and improved methods to enhance virtual reality. We take pride in creating games that people just don't want to end. JAW Dev specializes in both 2D and 3D engines written in Canvas, Flash, SDL, and OpenGL.


JAW Development was created by Will Justis as a side project. It slowly evolved into a software contracting business and became a registered LLC in Colorado. JAW Dev has roots in website development, but encompasses the much broader spectrum of software engineering. Ranging from LAMP stacks to OpenGL C++ game engines, JAW Dev aims to provide tailored solutions for any software project.

JAW Dev can easily adapt to and learn new programming skills & languages, but has hands-on experience with the following:

PHP • MySQL HTML • CSS • JavaScript • jQuery XML • DOM • Ajax Custom CMS • Wordpress • Joomla! • Drupal
Graphic Design
Logos • Mockups • Images GIMP • Inkscape • Photoshop • Illustrator 3DS Max • Blender
Game Dev
Canvas • Javascript • Flash • ActionScript C++ • Java • C# OpenGL • DirectX • Bullet • PhysX Linux • Windows
LAMP C++ • Java • C# Android • Canvas • Javascript • Flash • ActionScript Google APIs Linux • Windows • Unix